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EOL©, e-CRF in laboratory services

The problems of laboratories in the field of clinical research are extremely diverse and varied according to their areas of activity (biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical device, paramedics ...) and their sizes.

Budgets allocated vary widely depending on the objectives, logistical requirements and the phase of product development.

Although for some studies, large laboratories prefer to use their own solutions, there are still study profiles that are not adapted to these often complex tools.

Some studies do not need to call on CRO for budgetary reasons or when the laboratory has a research team and knows his network of clinical investigators.
That's why Medsharing offers EOL©, an e-CRF solution tested and validated as a tool well suited for studies for low budgets and/or research teams already placed in laboratories.

The benefits of EOL©:

  • a solution simple and fast to implement ;
  • a user-friendly and intuitive interface and does not require prior training ;
  • no problems in gathering the data by users (investigating doctors, CST ...)
  • you remain 100% independent in the monitoring and managing of your study;
  • strong support during the development to final delivery of results;
  • a rapidly adaptable solution under study, even for specific needs ;
  • a reliable solution, already tested and FDA CFR PART 11.validated.

iPhone-iPad randomization

RANDOMIZER for CLINICAL TRIAL, which includes the possibility of exporting directly to Excel your patients lists.

You can download this apps via the appstore keywords : medsharing, randomizer, ...) or you can visit our iPhone/iPad randomization page.

This application, is simple, intuitive and practical, can be used with every type of studies. It allows to create as many study as you want and include an unlimited number of patients.

Customer testimonials

The Cousin-Biotech laboratory is one of the French specialists in surgical implants. Under the aegis of the High Authority of Health (HAS), the COUSIN BIOTECH laboratory uses EOL© in bariatric surgery to monitor, through a national registry, the evolution of patients treated with ring gastroplasty for morbid obesity.

Medsharing offers solutions tailored to the needs and constraints of Surgeons.
In addition, the Medsharing team remains available to provide an effective job.

Delphine GUESNON, visceral product manager of COUSIN-BIOTECH (2009)

Our news

EOL New brochure available!
March 2016 : EOL the new brochure is available!

Medsharing in figures
(Figures 2015)
78,000 patients since 2003 for over 130 studies.
26 Registries / Observatories.
49 Studies.
61 Clinical Trials
31 Randomizations (without eCRF)

47 Drug Studies
28 DM Studies

66 Ongoing studies.

Figures 2015

New version of the application of randomization
Check out the new unlimited version of our Randomization for clinical trial application IPHONE / IPAD.

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